Cabbage Soup and World War

Adventure 10: Cormyr Captured
Adventures in (Kingly) Babysitting

With the troll Mugghan dead, The Party is able to meet with Captain Mahler and discuss the reason the are there. They inform the captain that they are needing to get to Suzail to meet with the Princess Regent, Alusair Obarskyr. They show Captain Mahler the signed paper with Elminster’s seal. Content that The Party was telling the truth, Captain Mahler asks one of his trusted soldiers, Galen Windhorn, to escort The Party to Suzail.

The Party, along with Galen, arrive in Suzail without much difficulty. Once in the capital, they arrange a meeting with Princess Alusair and present her with Elminster’s letter and sealed treaty. E tries to convince the Princess that her best course of action would be to accept the treaty and join with Elminster and the allied nations. Princess Alusair requests that The Party wait a few days while she makes a decision.

Galen offers to guide The Party around the city of Suzail. The Party retires to the royal palace for the night, but their sleep is soon disturbed by the sounds of attacks happening throughout the palace. Galen finds The Party and leads them to the throne room/living quarters for Princess Alusair and Azuon V. There in the throne room The Party fights off a group of goons clearly sent to kill Princess Alusair and the infant king.

With the goons dead, Alusair informs The Party that Suzail itself is under attack from a surpirse force from Anauroch and will not stand long. She asks that The Party escort Azuon V through a secret passage in the catacombs out of the city and to another Cormyrian city of Marsember, where the Royal Magician of Cormyr Caladnei. Princess Alusair requests that The Party take her personal bodyguard, but Galen says that they will be fine without them.

As The Party traverses through the catacombs, they fight a variety of monsters, including dire rats, bats, zombies, and skeletons. As they make their way to the end of the catacombs, The Party is accosted by Medwyn and Abarith, two members of the Anaurochian army. After a fierce fight, The Party managers to kill Medwyn with Abarith escapes.

The Party emerges from the catacombs with the infant king unscathed. Galen is able to lead The Party through the wilderness to the city of Marember. Once there, they are able to find Caladnei and deliver Azuon V to her care. She informs everyone that Suzail is holding, barely, but that she has not heard about the fate of Princess Alusair. Caladnei thanks The Party for delivering Azuon V to safety and says that their best route to get out of Cormry is through the Dalelands.

Date: Kythorn 14-22, 1372

Adventure 9: The Battle of Dhedlak
Possibly The First Real Danger Faced By The Party

Elminster eventually returns to Lujahn and informs The Party that he needs them to travel to Cormyr with the same goal from before when the chose to go to the Pirate Isles. Elminster had sent another party to meet with the leaders of Cormyr, but he had not heard back from them in a long time.

Things have gone from bad to worse in Cormyr. The fighting with Anauroch is not going well, with the Cormyrian army losing ground daily. Elminster asks The Party to meet with Princess Alusair, giving them a signed and sealed treaty outlining the alliance.The Party is to meet wtih Baneth, which is Elminster’s court contact in Cormyr. Baneth should be able to get them into a meeting with Alusair.

The Party once again uses the Temply of Shaundakul to travel to Dhedlak, a medium-sized town northwest of Suzail in the King’s Forest of Cormyr. As The Party steps through the portal, they instantly realize that the house they have stepped into is on fire. As they manage to escape the burning home, The Party is instantly attacked by a group of orcs. After a harrowing fight with the orcs, The Party is met by a band of Purple Dragon Knights led by 2nd Lieutenant Broderick.

2nd Lt. Broderick, once he hears that The Party is friendly, explains that Dhedlak is under siege by orcs allied with Anauroch and that progress had not gone the way they wanted. The Cormyrian army met the orcs in the fields west of town and have been slowly pushed back further and further towards the city center. The Party informs 2nd Lt. Broderick of their mission, and he asks that they seek out Captain Mahler. They are told that the captain is in the town keep over the Stormhorn RIver.

As The Party pushes further into the city, they find that the north bridge across the river is heavily fortified by orcs. After venturing south to the next bridge, they find another group of Purple Dragon Knights in a vicious fight with more orcs. The Party valiantly avoids most of the fighting, continuing on to the most southern bridge.

Once at the south bridge, The Party finds Captain Mahler. While they would like to speak with Captain Mahler straightaway, he is unfortunately busy fighting a massive troll named Mugghan. While The Party avoids most of the direct fighting with the troll, they do manage to provide enough support to Captain Mahler until the troll is killed. This provides a spark to the Cormyrian men and a huge blow to the morale of the orcs. The Cormyrian army finally is able to push back against the horde of orcs, allowing Captain Mahler to take some time to meet with The Party and discuss their mission.

Date: Kythorn 11-14, 1372

Adventure 8: Keep of the Pirate King
Some Actual Dungeon In Dungeons & Dragons

The Party has an uneventful trip back to Lujahn, minus some possibly seasickness. Once back in town, The Party is informed that Elminster is away on top secret business (as is the way of powerful wizards) and that The Party can enjoy some downtime until he returns.

While awaiting Elminster’s return, The Party learns that a council has been created to govern Lujahn when Elminster is away. The council is led by the Crossroads Innkeeper, Crenz. He approaches The Party on behalf of the council to ask if they would find and explore an old dock fortress know as the Keep of the Pirate King. Ebenawasse had sent word along to Elminster of the Keep. Being able to reopen the docks at the Keep would allow Lujahn to start importing and exporting goods for the war effort.

The Party travels to the coast a day north of Lujahn. After some searching, they are able to find the entrance to the Keep, which is partially buried underground. Along with being spooky, the Keep is infested with gnolls, zombies, and worst of all a wight. During their exploration of the Keep, The Party manages to find the treasure room, loaded with vast goodies. The Party decides to only take a small handful of weapons and treasure with the intent of passing on the rest of the treasure to the Lujahn Town Council.

After some particularly interesting fights, including one where a full blown thunderstorm appears in an underground cavern and fries a number of gnolls, The Party leaves the Keep and books it towards Lujahn. During the fight with the wight, Tuck was attacked and left severely injured. They are able to make it back in time to get Tuck properly healed, and wait for Elminster to arrive for further instructions.

Date: Kythorn 2-11, 1372

Adventure 7: Pirate Isles Escapades

The Party manages to make it to the Sly Wench Inn and have a meeting with Longley, a very roguish looking halfling. They find out that Longley despises Ebenawasse for trying to make the Pirate Isles into a kingdom. Longley feels that everything works better (particularly for him) when the Isles are under the rule of no man. Longley proposes that The Party team up with the local Thieves Guild, helping The Party gain access to Ebenawasse’s place. Longley leaves to try and set a meeting up with the Thieves Guild reps, Pinner and Grim.

While out and about, E runs into Pravin, an old friend of his from Aglarond. Pravin states that he is in the Pirate Isles on a mission from the Simbul and is seeking an audience with Ebenawasse. Pravin is to propose that in return for Ebenawasse allying with Aglarond, the Simbul will work with the leaders of other countries to try and legitimize Ebenawasse’s rule. Pravin suggests that The Party join with him to help.

The Party is left with two choices; either team up with Longley, assassinate Ebenawasse, and leave the Pirate Isle in chaos, or team up with Pravin, ally with Ebenawasse, and try to help bring the Pirate Isles under control. The first choice was easier while the second would involve dealing with many Red Wizard emissaries from Thay. The Party decides that an ally would be much better to have than chaos, and so let Pravin know that they will help him out.

Unfortunately, Pravin informs The Party that Ebenawasse is under strict supervision of Red Wizards from Thay, who have denied him all access to Ebenawasse. Pravin lets The Party know that they will need to attack the Red Wizard enclave in town to try and free Ebenawasse.The Party agrees to help and the attack goes underway. During the fight, Ebenawasse comes out of the main tower with his bodyguard. E conducts some quick diplomacy to try and convince Ebenawasse to join with them. During this discussion, Longley attacks unexpectedly. The combined forces of the Pirate King and The Party are enough to dispatch Longley.

Impressed that strangers would risk their life for him, Ebenawasse agrees to the peace terms with The Party. He will start commanding his fleet to attack Thayan boats and work with the allied countries to move goods and troops back and forth on the Sea of Fallen Stars. The Party readies themselves to head back to Lujahn only to find that the portal they used was one way. The Pirate King offers them passage on one of his personal ships and The Party sets off for home.

Date: Mirtul 30-Kythorn 7, 1372

Adventure 6: Choices
In Which The Party Takes The Easy Road

The Party spends some more time enjoying their new home of Lujahn. Eventually Elminster summons The Party to make some choices. He states that there are two options that Elminster had decided should be accomplished first: meet with Princess Alusair, the regent for Cormyr, or venture to the Pirate Isles that sit in the Sea of Fallen Stars.

The trip to Cormyr would involve traveling to the capital city of Suzail to meet with Princess Alusair. Princess Alusair is the acting regent for Azuon V, who is still an infant. The Party would meet with the Princess to request an alliance with Elminster and Aglarond. While Cormyr is currently fighting against Thay and more importantly Anauroch, they are doing so alone and an alliance would benefit all parties. Cormyr is under an extremely dangerous siege by the surprise Anaurochian army, so it would be particularly dangerous to travel there.

The second option would be to travel to the Pirate Isles. The majority of the pirates were being loosely bound together by the self-styled Pirate King Ebenawasse. Ebenawasse had allied himself with Thay and was using his power to keep boats from being able to traverse the Sea of Fallen Stars, effectively cutting off the Dragon Coast, Cormyr, and Aglarond. Elminster had a spy by the name of Longley planted on the Pirate Isles who would help The Party assassinate Ebenawasse, thus throwing the loose allegiance of pirates into chaos, allowing for travel on the Sea again, albeit just as dangerous as it was before.

The Party, deciding that assassination would be easier than talking to the ruler of a powerful country, elects to go to the Pirate Isles. Elminster informs The Party that they can meet Longley at the Sly Wench Inn on the main island. There Longley would get them what they needed in order to sneak into Ebenawasse’s palace and assassinate him.

Interestingly, Elminster does not lead them to a boat to take them to the Pirate Isles, but takes The Party back into the Temple of Shaundakul. The acolytes that had been brought to the temple by Elminster had discovered that all the blank doorways in the temple led to different places across the continent, allowing for near instantaneous travel. The acolytes found that wearing a particular ring in front of a particular door would create a portal, and that they had discovered one that they were pretty sure would lead to the Pirate Isles. They did not guarantee that the portal would allow The Party to travel back to the temple, however.

The Party, really having no other choice, donned the rings and stepped through the portal, dumping them into the basement of what they discovered was the Scoundrel’s Cask. Having successfully escaped the basement without being noticed, they set off to find the Sly Wench Inn. Along the way they were attacked by a gang of street toughs. The Party managed to kill the attackers, though Vagn decided it would be a good idea to chuck his mace into an alleyway, and it was never seen again. Afterwards The Party moves on to the Sly Wench Inn and their meeting with Longley.

Date: Mirtul 23-30, 1372

Intermission 1: Temple Time
Just Temple Time, Not Temple Of Time

Having successfully rescued (some) miners, The Party found themselves in a gigantic underground temple. The temple was multi-leveled, with stone arches carved into the bare stone walls. On an altar set in the back middle of the temple, the party found a large chest containing an enormous amount of plain metal rings. The Party tried on a set of rings that were laid out on the altar. Once the rings were on, an archway behind the altar opened up to a bright, glowing light. Seeing no other exit, The Party stepped through the archway and ended up back at the entrance of the “middle” mine.

The Party makes their way back to Lujahn, and report their findings back to Elminster. Some time later, as The Party recovers in Lujahn (having been made honorary citizens and being gifted houses), Elminster joins them to reveal the news that he had gathered.

Firstly, the war with Thay had not started well for the good guys. Thay was quickly able to conquer the countries of Mulhorand, Unther, Thesk, the Hordelands, and the Pirate Isles. Also, the long thought lost country of Anauroch had once again banded together, allied themselves with Thay, and conquered the country of Sembia. Thay’s network of footholds in many other countries had allowed them to put pressure in many other places, even if they hadn’t yet conquered them.

Elminster, however, had only managed to loosely band together the countries of Aglarond and Cormry. While both of those countries had substantial resources and manpower, they would not be able to last long against the combined strength of Thay and Anauroch.

Secondly, Elminster informed The Party that he had been able to identify the temple that they had discovered. It is a temple to the god Shaundakul; a very old deity that had lost some of his former glory over the years. In fact, all temples to Shaundakul were thought lost. Shaundakul is the god of travel, and Elminster was able to find a group of clerics that still worshiped Shaundakul. These clerics (Linka, Albie, Jolan, Orm, Thaav, and Ilde) were brought to Lujahn to oversee the temple.

Elminster tells The Party that he is still putting together some plans, and that they should hold tight until he gives them their next task.

Date: Mirtul 23

Adventure 5: The Mines of Lujahn
Scary Mines Are The New Hotness

The Party is able to travel back to the town of Lujahn in relative safety. Once there, they are hastened into a meeting with Elminster. Elminster informs the party that after the assassination of Szass and the rest of the Tharches, Thay launched themselves into was with the entire rest of Faerun.

Many years ago, after the last time Thay rose up and tried to conquer many of their neighbors, the government of Thay turned their interests more towards commerce instead of war. Being a country ruled by wizards, they were able to produce magical items unmatched by any other company. These magical items were in high demand, and came at a high cost. Thay was willing to allow their items to be sold cheaper and in greater volume if the country in question would cede a small parcel of land in each city to be sovereign to Thay. Thay would control the land and sell their products from this area. Such was the demand for Thayan artifacts that many countries across Faerun agreed to their steep costs, leading to Thay having a foothold in many places across the continent.

Elminster tells The Party that he must leave and gauge the efforts of many countries to see where they stand in the war against Thay. Elminster is determined to use the town of Lujahn as his base of operations in the war. In order to do so, he asks The Party to help reopen the mines of Lujahn, as the precious metals contained within would help bolster the war efforts.

The Party meets up with Busil, a dwarven miner who explains the mining situation to The Party. The “left” and “right” mines are both up and running again, but the “middle” mine has been an issue. A mining party of eight miners plus a militia search party of six had gone missing. The Party is asked to enter the “middle” mine and try to rescue any that may still be alive and address any issues that is keeping the mine from being reopened.

Busil leads the party into the “middle” mine. As they descend deeper into the mine, the run into a number of obstacles that threaten their lives. These include deep lurking monsters and puzzles. The Party is able to locate three surviving miners and send them back up to the surface. As they delve deeper into the mine, the unknowingly pass three tests that allow them to travel into a secret temple that was buried well underneath the mountain area of Lujahn.

Date: Mirtul 12-23, 1372

Adventure 4: Riot at Amrutlar
Because Of Course They Would Start A Riot

After leaving Niadon’s camp, The Party follows the stone shipment north on the Clearwater River, eventually arriving in the Thayan city of Amrutlar. While Thay had never been the most welcoming to outsiders, The Party is able to walk freely through the town. The Party can tell that tensions are running high through all the townsfolk, but are not able to find out why.

While wondering through town, Eruantien notices a former cohort of his, Lurek. Lurek was once a member of the Aglarondian army, but was caught in a skirmish with a Thayan army, captured, and made a slave. To top it off he also lost an arm in the fighting. Not letting that deter him, he started to organize the other slaves in Amrutlar to prepare for a revolt. He also informs The Party that all the stone from Mulhorand is going north, and that security is extremely tight up that way. Lurek asks The Party to help with the revolt so they can take this information to Aglarond.

The next morning, The Party awakens to the news that Szass Tam and the other Tharches have been murdered in a coup. In response the city of Amrutlar shut the gates and was allowing no one in or out of the city. Lurek meets with the party to let them know that the revolt will be starting soon and that The Party will know the signal.

Later that day, The Party hears an enormous explosion that sends the Amrutlar city guard into panic. Using this distraction, The Party meets up with Lurek and starts helping with the slave revolts. Lurek gives them four targets to hit; the slave quarters, the armory, the barracks, and the wizard tower. The Party chooses to focus their efforts on the barracks and the wizard tower, cutting down quite a few of the city guardsmen.

The Party eventually reaches the gatehouse on the outskirts of the city. They, along with other members of the revolt, are able to overpower the guards and open the gates of the city. All told less than half the slaves are able to escape the city; a huge but necessary price to pay for freedom.

The Party makes their way east to the border between Thay and Aglarond. They do not meet any resistance, assuming that most of the Thayan army is tied up in the ongoing coup. The Party is able to travel to the capitol city of Aglarond, Valprintalar, and arrange a meeting with the Queen of Aglarond, the Simbul. The Simbul listens intently to The Party’s story, and send them back to the town of Lujahn in haste to meet with Elminster.

Date: Tarsakh 26-Mirtul 12, 1372

Adventure 3: Raid on Dacasson Niadon's Camp
In Which The Party Becomes Serial Poisoners

In Skuld, The Party stays at The Bear’s House Inn, ran by former adventurer Wilmand Ames. They make some inquires about their next destination, Ganathwood. From what they learn it’s a rather harmless woods in the north of Mulhorand. The Clearwater River splits the woods, and The Party decides to follow it north to the location of Niadon’s camp.

As The Party makes their way to the camp, they are attacked by a group of goblins. After successfully dispatching the goblins, The Party eventually arrives at Niadon’s camp. There they meet four human male guards that are in charge of the camp between shipments: Denton, Merek, Cadwyn, and Rupert, who is in charge.

The guards take time to make sure the perimeter is secure, allowing The Party time to take in their surroundings. The find what they assume is Niadon’s tent, but before they have a chance to check it out the camp guards return. Rupert invites The Party to join them for the night. While Rupert and the rest of the guards are preparing dinner, The Party notices that there are drakeness plants around the camp. Vagn knows that when drakeness is ground up and ingested, it can become a powerful sleep inducer.

Deciding that he can eyeball the extremely small amount difference between sleepiness and death, Vagn spikes the guards drinks with drakeness. Shortly thereafter, the four guards all fall into a deep sleep. This allows The Party time to investigate Niadon’s tent. While they don’t find much information, they do find out the the stone shipments go north on the Clearwater. This can only lead to one of two places: Thay or the Endless Waste.

The next day all four guards wake up, slightly worse for wear but still alive. Chalking it up to partying a bit to hard, the guards bid The Party farewell. The Party leaves and travels north on the Clearwater, deciding to follow it to Thay.

Date: Tarsakh 16-26, 1372

Adventure 2: Mission to Mulhorand
Ether...and Other Stories

The Party travels back to Glidenglade, and are shortly thereafter asked by Elminster to travel to the country of Mulhorand, specifically the capital city Skuld. Before they depart, Tuck decides to retrieve some of his property from the jail that had been confiscated from him by the local authority, led by City Guard Captain Elias. Tuck, forgoing the advantage of being theify and it being nighttime, decides that his best plan of action is to start a bar fight, getting himself and his mark tossed in to jail. Having successfully accomplished this, Tuck then escapes from his jail cell and retrieves his property. The Party meets up and leaves for Skuld.

In Skuld, The Party was tasked with investigating the Mulhorand Mining and Stone Company. Elminster had learned that they were transporting an unusual amount of cut stone to the north; in particular Elminster was wanting to know if it was going to the wizard magocracy of Thay. Thay had a tendency to be quite belligerent to their neighbors (and the whole world, actually), so any suspicious activity piqued the interest of Elminster.

The Party arrived at Mulhorand Mining and Stone (MMS), posing as potential customers. E poses as the buyer, Vagn as the stone expert, and Tuck as…somebody else. They meet with Ardel, the manager of MMS, and Jemrick, who is the foreman/stone master of the company. While they are able to see the layout of MMS, security is tight and The Party is not able to see into any of the warehouses, especially the biggest one. After letting Ardel know that they need to think over their potential purchase, The Party leaves to discuss some light breaking and entering.

The Party decides to wait for night to break in to MMS, and while they wait decide to concoct some viscous ether that they can use on the unsuspecting guards. In the dead of night, The Party successfully manages to sneak into MMS. There they make their way into the main offices, finding documents signed by Darcasson Niadon in relation to a huge order of stone. This stone is sent north, to Ganathwood, where it is then handled by Niadon’s men. Tuck is able to make a reasonable copy of the document, which he leaves while he takes the original.

A guard or two gets ethered, being spared their lives but left with some amazingly terrible headaches. The Party manages to get into the large warehouse where they find vast amounts of stone that are being treated with runes. Vagn is unable to decipher what exactly the runes are, but manages to make an extremely poor copy of one before they leave.

The Party successfully ex-filtrates from MMS with little to no incident. The next day the make their way into Skuld proper to plan their next steps.

Date: Ches 24-Tarsakh 16, 1372


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